Trade Program


The VIP Trade program is our solution to enable buyers and sellers to come together.

Get What You Want When You Like What You See.

Real estate is a timing business. Right Place vs. Right Time. Available Properties vs. Available Assets. Buyers Market vs. Sellers Market.

So what is the major problem with today’s real estate market? People simply don’t have available liquid assets. It’s not that there aren’t buyers and sellers… simply that buyers and sellers are only able to operate with assets in hand. So what has happened recently when a potential buyer or seller sees a property that they’re interested in but simply can’t liquidate assets for the purchase or sale? Nothing…until now.

Introducing the VIP Trade Program

Our solution to enable buyers and sellers to come together, when it seems impossible. We create liquidity, solve timing issues, arbitrate negotiations, and enable you to be a part of this buy low and sell high market. 
The new VIP Trade Program has made it easy for you, in uneasy times. When you like what you see… VIP.

It’s all in the Timing.

At VIP, we understand that this is a very simple idea… we liquidate your assets for you so you can invest your money into new ventures. So why not just liquidate your assets yourself? Timing. Timing is the crucial element in any real estate transaction. Finding a home and obtaining financing for a home go hand in hand. We’ll take care of the details and remove the timing risk. So all you have to do is focus on finding the one door you’d like to call home.

Another Man’s Treasure.

You may be surprised at the amount of assets you can raise by simply putting them in the market. You have assets that someone will want. We find the people looking for exactly what you have, including properties. Assets could be vehicles, aircraft, marine, businesses, secured notes, stock, jewelry, art, or residential and commercial properties. While you may not get New York for a handful of beads, we will find you the best price for your assets. And most importantly, you will be able to move forward, in the house of your dreams.

A Package Deal?

The VIP Trade Program is set up to get you the most value for the assets that you wish to liquidate. While we may not be able to sell every single item on your “wish to sell” list, we will find buyers for the most marketable items, coordinate the timing, and turn you into a stronger cash buyer. We’ll find your buyers so you can spend time finding exactly what you would like. And when you like what you see… VIP.