Jose Carreras
Sales Associate
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Jose Carreras
Sales Associate


Buying a home is a serious matter, but why the long face? Frustrated with the process? Donโ€™t know where to start? Scared to make a mistake that could haunt you a life-time? Don't be. Real estate can be made easy with the right people in your corner. Jose Carreras is a real estate agent here to stand in your corner. Jose has lived in SWFL for 20+ years and has seen its growth from childhood. The market has grown vastly and Southwest Florida has become a wonderful destination for a person seeking warmer weather, first-time buyer and seasoned investors alike. Jose is a life-learner who wants to share his education in real estate with buyers and seller to get the most out their dollar and maximize profit. With an eye for modern aesthetic, Jose can provide your listing with top of the line innovations in marketing and promotion. It's time to get into the ring with the right people in your corner, champ.


โ€œJose was amazing! I found him on zillow just by chance. He was thorough, accurate, helpful. He went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. This was my first time buying a home and I'm extremely picky. Jose was so patient and never pushy. Absolutely on point. I'm grateful to have found him for this little adventure. I just bought exactly what I was looking for with his help.โ€ โ€“ Melissa S.

โ€œJose Carreras was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent! I would highly recommend him as I was clueless about purchasing my first home. He dedicated his time almost daily, showing me multiple homes and was excited and passionate as a realtor. I never felt pressured into purchasing a home, in fact I felt the opposite. I felt that I had a close friend with me and he made me aware of the things that would be important to me and also things I should be cautious of as well. I believe I received the best service an agent can provide.โ€ - Tami W

โ€œJose was very thorough and did everything he could. When we went and looked at 2 listings, he took me to both twice in the same day, back to back. He did this because I am a very indecisive person and ended up liking things for both and hating things for both. Jose did not show any signs of annoyance, and it was actually his idea to go back and forth between the homes when he saw my confused mind set. I will highly recommend Jose to anyone!โ€ โ€“ Morgan M.

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