Offices and Amenities


While each of our office locations offer state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar facilities, this becomes more than just bricks and computers. Our agents are carefully supported in their efforts by our highly trained, experienced management and staff.

As a VIP Realty Group, Inc. agent, you have the advantage of hands-on assistance 24/7 by your managers when you need it. They utilize our tremendous technology to help you analyze and understand your own business to discover new and better avenues for success, which they review with you quarterly, or more often if necessary.

Your management team will bring your numbers to the table, so you can spend your time listing and selling. To have management exhibit our core values by working with you to your best success, is a certain advantage of an association with VIP.

Ours is not a static list of amenities, but rather a fluid, constant evolution of offerings to our agents. We are a leading edge in the real estate profession, and always seek the most current, best practices in pursuit of our VIP Mission Statement.