Internet and Technology



As experienced Realtors know, most real estate events begin on the internet. WWW.VIPREALTY.COM is a fully mapped and interactive site containing over 3 million residential, commercial and rental properties worldwide.

Each agent and each of the listings have their own website! Inquiries are answered live 24/7, on 239-244-2147, as well as on email! Our website is unparalleled in the country.


VIP Realty Group, Inc. is committed to top of the line technology. Our agents enjoy the assistance of a fully staffed IT Department, who will get you up and running with our tools and systems pronto! Within hours, you will have your passcodes, email, telephone, personal fax, toll-free numbers, web page and more... all ready to hit the ground running!

If you work on a laptop, all our offices are wireless and you’ll have an instant connection when you walk in the door, including the network of printers. Plus, our network supports Smartphones, so you can have real time access to the web and your VIP email!